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Updated Bibliography

Updated: 2013 Feb. 26

We have just posted the latest version of our "Provisional Bibliography for a new edition of Aristotle's Protrepticus": it is available here and at www.protrepticus.info (from the sidebar).

Please let us know if you notice anything that we are missing; we really appreciate all the help that readers have given us. Below the break you can see an outline of the contents of the bibliography.

A. Primary Sources

1. Aristotle
    a. Collections of fragments of Aristotle's lost works, including his
    b. Editions and translations of fragments of Aristotle’s Protrepticus
    c. Editions and translations of papyri attributable to Aristotle's Protrepticus
    d. Editions and translations of the Aristotle Corpus
    e. Editions and translations of other lost works of Aristotle
2. Isocrates
3. Plato
4. Archytas of Tarentum
5. Heraclides of Pontus
6. Anonymous Iamblichi
7. Cicero
8. Clement of Alexandria (AD II-III)
9. Lactantius (AD III-IV)
10. Iamblichus of Chalcis (AD III-IV)
      a. Manuscripts of the Protrepticus
      b. Printed editions and translations of the Protrepticus
      c. Editions and translations of other works of Iamblichus
11. Ancient Commentators
      a. Aristocles of Messene (AD I)
      b. Alexander of Aphrodisias (AD II)
      c. Ammonius (AD V)
      d. Proclus (AD V)
      e. Olympiodorus the younger (AD V-VI)
      f. Philoponus (AD VI)
      g. Asclepius of Tralles (AD VI)
      h. Elias (AD VI-VII)
      i. David the Invincible Philosopher (AD VI-VII)
      j. Anonymous Scholion on Cod.Par.Gr.2064
12. Boethius (AD V-VI)
13. Stobaeus (AD VI)

B. Secondary Sources (arranged alphabetically)

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