Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Reconstruction, includes Greek text

We invite you to download and examine a PDF of the latest version of our reconstruction from:

New features of this version include:
  • A reconstruction of the dialogue, based on the core evidence in Iamblichus' On the Common Mathematical Science xxii-xxvii and Protrepticus VI-XII, in English translation followed by Greek text (occasionally supplemented with editorial comments).
  • Section on "Peripheral evidence, not in their original sequence"
  • Section on "Possible further evidence, not authenticated"
  • Section on "Rejected evidence, not relevant to this dialogue"
We make this version freely available for research and teaching purposes (but not for any commercial purposes). As always, please contact us with comments and suggestions about how this work could be more effective and useful for your research and teaching. You can leave a comment here or email us.

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