Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Free electronic editions of Iamblichus' Pythagorean series available

The main source for Aristotle's Protrepticus is Iamblichus of Chalcis' Exhortation to Philosophy (along with, it turns out, his work On the Common Mathematical Science). These are the second and third books in a sequence of ten books written (or planned) by Iamblichus on the Pythagorean Philosophy. Four of the works are extant, and are available in Greek editions in the Teubner series. Three of them are now available for download from Google Books. They are:
1. Iamblichi de vita pythagorica (ed. L. Deubner). Stuttgart, 1937. Revised by U. Klein, Stuttgart, 1975.
2. Iamblichi protrepticus (ed. H. Pistelli). Leipzig, 1888.
3. Iamblichi de communi mathmatica scienta (ed. N. Festa). Leipzig, 1891. Revised by U. Klein, Stuttgart, 1975.
4. Iamblichi in nicomachi arithmeticam introductionem (ed. H. Pistelli). Leipzig, 1894. Revised by U. Klein, Stuttgart, 1975.
It should be noted that these electronic versions do not contain the revisions of Klein (irrelevant for the Protrepticus, which Klein did not revise). Hopefully On the Pythagorean Life will become available soon.

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